Flex LED Lighting To Replace Neon Lights

Recently we have come across a project that needs our attention to detail. This commercial building been wrapped with neons for over 15-years. They called us to see about having us replace the neons with LED technology. I am sure there are other people out there who are probably just as unhappy as he is with their neon lighting, so [...]

LED Holiday Lights Are Here To Stay

Are you talking about LED for the holidays? As the holiday lighting industry changes each year, LED holiday lighting is becoming more acceptable choice. With energy cost going up, it’s time to recommend LED holiday lights. LED light sets uses 90% less energy to run compared to the same amount of incandescent lights. The colors [...]

New LED Flush Mounted Lights

We have recently added a new line of LED flush mounted lights to our products manufactured by In-Lite. These new LED lights are mounted into decks, concrete pavers, natural stone, and more. They are easy to install with their new "Plug and Play" connection system. These landscape lights run off our existing 12 volt, low [...]

New LED Landscape Lighting

In an effort to go continue our GREEN efforts, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the nations leading landscape lighting company with over 90 US locations, announced recently at there National Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida the introduction of their complete new LED landscape lighting product. B and B manufacturing, has produced low voltage landscape lighting fixtures in [...]

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