Are you talking about LED for the holidays? As the holiday lighting industry changes each year, LED holiday lighting is becoming more acceptable choice. With energy cost going up, it’s time to recommend LED holiday lights. LED light sets uses 90% less energy to run compared to the same amount of incandescent lights. The colors are more vibrant, and you will be able to create a winter wonderland with ease.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has designed a new model for the LED product family. It’s the T5 series, or Traditional 5mm. The new design resembles a traditional mini light style bulb, it looks like an incandescent mini light set that everyone has used for years. You won’t know the difference!! The T5 light set includes our standard LED options: copper connection wire (eliminates corrosion issues), IC Chip (Always Lit technology – eliminates those nasty half on half off sets), replaceable bulbs, water resistant, and no glass bulbs to break.

When working with LED light strands, you can connect up to forty (40) strands end to end. What does that mean to you? Less extension cords, maybe even eliminate a timer or two. In the past when working with incandescent light strands, depending on the light set fuse you could on connect three (3) or up to six (6) light strands end to end. Depending on your display, you would have more extension cords to complete the project.

On your next project, remember to look at the advantages on using LED products. Good luck this season!!