Well Light – BB-3a residential outdoor lighting fixture.

BB-03A Well Light

A well light is used to uplight trees and on the front of your house. These are the most common lights used in landscape lighting. Our well light is made out of a polycarbonate that is specially made to resist UV light and will not fade like many other fixtures. Well lights use a Par-36 bulb, and are very easy to change. The reason we use these lights on the house is because it has a wide array of light. If properly installed with the correct bulbs you can achieve a consistant color of light all the way up the front of the house. If the light looks to have a different color, check your voltage or the quality of the bulb itself.

Path Light – BB-7

BB-07 Path Light

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives strives to have the best products made, and these walkways lights are made of 100% copper. The top has a great pin system that allows you to increase and decrease the light allowed on the pathway. One of the greatest features of this path light is that it uses a bi-pin T3 bulb instead of an 1157 bulb which gives you more light and also lasts longer. Other companies discontinue fixtures and leave you unable to get parts to fix them. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been using the same path light since 1995, and it’s still great!

Small Wash Light – BB-4K

Wash Light

This wash light is also made out of 100% copper with a UV control glass that prevents fading. This light is most commonly used to light up low level walls, or low level landscaping like grass plants. With an easy to use adjustable screw to tilt the light, you can easily get the look you want. When you use wash lights one important thing to keep in mind where the light is pointing, you do not want the light to be visible, so sometimes it is smarter to uses a well light to ensure that you do not blind any of your neighbors or oncoming traffic.

If you need help designing your landscape lighting call us, and we will design it for you. If you want to install it yourself we will sell you the fixtures. Do not forget that we are professionals, and you need to make sure you take advice from someone that has a great deal of experience, because you can destroy good product from installing it wrong.

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