Not only are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives systems beautiful on the home and landscape they also increase security by maintaining visibility around the home after dark. Many customers however prefer that the lighting system turn off when they go to sleep. For these customers the security benefit of the lighting can continue all night by integrating motion sensor or driveway sensor activation of the lighting system.

Wireless motion sensor technology can be used to turn on the security lighting from a single sensor location or multiple sensors around the property. This means you can protect a swimming pool area, walk out basement, detached garage or sidewalk entrance by turning on the lights when an intruder enters. When activated by the motion sensor the outdoor lighting will turn on for a predetermined amount of time, typically 10-15 minutes.

We recently designed a system for a customer with a long driveway that ran through a wooded area. Because of deer movement and blowing trees a better option than motion sensing was a driveway sensor which is activated by the metallic mass of a car passing by. In addition to offering added security, this homeowner will also be welcomed home by their lighting when returning late at night from a trip.

Not only can the motion or driveway sensor turn on the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives low-voltage lighting system, it can be expanded to turn on high-voltage porch, garage, or flood lights. It can even ring a chime inside the house or turn on a light to alert the homeowner to activity outside. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives customers love the beauty and added enjoyment to time spent at home that their lighting system delivers. Additional peace of mind is the icing on the cake